“Accidental Masterpiece” at The Outliers Gallery, JCAST 2023, Jersey City, NJ

Video of Accidental Masterpiece at the Outliers Gallery, JCAST 2023

When: October 11-October 31
Where: The Outliers Gallery, Art 150, #246
157A First Street
Jersey City, NJ

The Jersey City Art and Studio Tour is always a big deal for the Jersey City arts scene. This year it was combined with Artfair 14C and a week of events leading up to JCAST. At Art150, the Outliers Gallery had an exhibit titled “Accidental Masterpiece”. The Outliers consist of four artists: Dorie Dahlberg-photographer, Ed Fausty-photographer, Brad Terhune-collage/painter and myself-painter. We’re an unlikely combination of artists but this leads to interesting themes unique viewspoints.