“Food for Thought” at the Outliers Gallery in Jersey City

“Food for Thought” video tour

Where: The Outliers Gallery, Art150-#246, 157A 1st Street, Jersey City, NJ
When: through May, 2023
Artists Reception: May 11, 5-9pm

Here is my artist’s statement from the exhibition:

Our society has a strong emotional relationship with food. We celebrate with food during special moments in our lives and even mourn the loss of a loved one with food. We use food as a way of sharing our experiences with others, whether on a first date or a birthday. There are some foods that we have a fondness for because they are attached to memories from our childhood. This series of paintings is food that’s in my life. Some of it I eat often, some I eat occasionally, and some I eat rarely.

This series of paintings was developed at the beginning of this year, when I began experimenting with acrylic paints. In order to improve my technique, I began painting household objects on small panels. I began by painting fruit on 4 x 6 inch panels. After getting used to the new medium, I decided to start a series on foods that I normally eat (and that most people probably eat). I began with the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich and used the series as an excuse to buy and paint unhealthy food. I created these paintings in the morning on a plein air easel on my kitchen table. I also decided to make each frame, as I wanted the paintings to float on a black background as a way of making each painting intimate.